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This lure caught an incredible 1,742 LB MARLIN as well as the 80 LB LINE CLASS WORLD RECORD BLUE MARLIN OF 1,189 LBS. The Standard Size Wide Range has several line class records and is a tuna killer! This lure can be trolled over a “Wide Range” of speeds from 4-14 knots (hence the name), and this lure is SUPER in rough water. The Wide Range is responsible for breaking Blue Marlin records in Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Africa. In Hawaii, it is one of the favorites of many boat captains. The larger heavier head gives the lure more stability at high speeds and rough water. The Wide Range lure is available in four sizes and all MOLD CRAFT colors. (see color chart)

5550WR Magnum Wide Range Unrigged 17" 2"
5850WR Magnum Wide Range Rigged 17" 2"
3550WR Senior Wide Range Unrigged 12 1/2" 1 1/2"
3850WR Senior Wide Range Rigged 12 1/2" 1 1/2"
4550WR Standard Wide Range Unrigged 9 1/2" 1"
4850WR Standard Wide Range Rigged 9 1/2" 1"
6550WR Junior Wide Range Unrigged 4" 1/2"
6570WR Junior Wide Range Rigged 4" 1/2"


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