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Mold Craft Fishing Products started back in 1971 producing a wide variety of innovative, cutting edge items. Including such products as The Uni-Butt the first interchangeable rod-butt, & tip section, The John Emery fly reel, push pole points & feet, roller troller and literally hundreds of injection molds for every imaginable type of marine hardware from deck hatches & pie plates to cleats & top hardware.

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At that time, the marine portion of the business was a sideline. The focus was aerospace and other technologies from pacemakers for Cordis Corp. to Banner brackets for STP.

In 1976 the "Squid Machine" was born. It was the first piece of equipment of its kind. Improving on existing products has always been Frank Sr.'s forte. Well this one was a "Home Run". Originally, there were four sizes and five colors available.

In the spring of 1977, Frank Johnson met Capt. Peter B. Wright, and this is where it gets interesting. Frank and Scott Boyd (well known Ft, Lauderdale tackle dealer) had chartered a boat in Cozumel, Mexico, however after a falling out with this charter they met Capt. Wright. , who, even at that time, had caught more 1000+ pound Blue & Black Marlin than anyone in the world. So--- they went fishing!

Frank & Scotty used the original Squirt Squid Daisy Chains and were very successful. This is where it gets more interesting.

At that time, Peter was using inner tube material rolled and split to form the head & skirt of a lure. This was truly the "Original Soft Head" but back then it was called the Ca-Ca Lure for it's “crappy” appearance.

With Frank's engineering background and injection molding experience the concept was made practical and cosmetically appealing for both fish and fisherman. And, as they say, the rest is---------.

From there the product line has blossomed into its present status. With, literally thousands upon thousands of combinations to choose from. Mold Craft produces the most diverse trolling lures available today. Produced in the USA of the highest quality anywhere as well as the best price available in today’s market.

Softhead boat


Our extensive Independent Dealer & Catalog network makes our product readily available all over the world! The Sun Never Sets on the Soft Head Empire. With out all of their support we would not be what we are today.

With the help and input of the best fishermen in the world in no particular order are people like:
Captains Peter B. Wright, Frank "Skip" Smith, Bobby Brown, Ronnie Hamlin, Bubba Carter, Paul Ivey, Trevor Cockle, Dave Noling, James Roberts, O. B. O’Bryan, Joe Lopez, Eddie Herbert, Barkey Garnsey, Clay Hensley, Bob Mayo, David Doll, Mike Pascia, Brad Simons, Brad Phillips, Mike Benitez, John Phillips, Karl Anderson, Red Bailey, Stuart Loveland, Will Kitsos, Alan Winchell, Tony Haupt, Richard Chellini, Ron Schatman, George Sawley.  
Anglers like Jerry & Debra Dunaway, Stuart Campbell, Mike Leech, Steve Melhuish,Tim Choate, Mike & Terry Andrews, Raleigh Werking, Guy Harvey, Charlie Forman, Jaime Fullana, Ralph Christiansen, Auggie Vicente, Tom Irizarry, Nick Smith, David Bishop, Bobby Novi.
Support from our Friends in the Media: George Poveromo, Mark Sosin, Norm Issacs, Jim Rizzito, Gary Caputti, Jan Fogt, Dave Farrell, Dave Lear, James Marsh, Tony Pena, Pete Barrett, Steve Waters, Steve Kantner, Doug Oleander, Gabriel Hant, just to name a few.

There is not enough space here to mention all of those who have supported us and we apologize for anyone we have left out.

We thank you one and all! On behalf of the Mold Craft team of, Frank W. Johnson III President, Karen M. Johnson Team Leader, Evelyn Gore Production Manager, Geisol Brauer Packaging & Order Specialist and Lourdes Maria DePortillio Finish & Assembly Specialist.

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