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Just caught my 4th blue marlin . The only lures i use are moldcraft. I rigged them myself. Great product. I will fish Bisbees east cape with them.

Ing Jorge Bendeck




313 Pound Blue on Reel Crazy

Christ Church, Barbados

First of all we want to say thanks you for the fine work you have done over the years in providing the best lures a captain could ask for fishing Marlin and Tuna and other Pelagics.

We recently concluded out Marlin tournament here in Barbados where we finished somewhere in the 11th range... where we had 2 blues on and lost them , then we related a sailfish and then landed a yellowfin... The important thing here is we caught them all on your lure, the standard super chugger... Pink and Blue, This is the best thing since slice bread... when we lost one the first day, Big marlin broke the line after nearly spooling us.i went out and bought another to have as back up, thank good the tackle shop had one more.

Last sunday my first mate was out fishing and off course he has the super chugger out and lo and behold Blue comes and sticks on... the pink and blue chugger... Did i say this is an awesome Lure...fought for 2 hours and finally got him to the boat but he was gone, he wouldn't they boated him...

Thanks for the lure and Mario is in love with them all.

Capt Zed Layson

Caught On Board:
"Reel Crazy"

313 Pound Blue

The important thing here is we caught them all on your lure, the standard super chugger... Pink and Blue, This is the best thing since slice bread...


Bisbee Tournament

East Cape Offshore Tournament

"Great Products Produce
1st Place Bisbee Win



A quote from Capt. Jeff Kahl
Long Rigger
Kona Hawaii,

"The story goes...

You'd be a foolish fisherman not to run one everyday, all day!!! We do!!
97% of the time on long rigger!!"

Long Rigger

If you troll it they will come!

Kona, Hawaii


Photo Credit: Capt. Jeff Kah



2015 Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot - Review




landing blue marlin on mold craft soft head








Caught aboard: Anxious
with Capt. Neal Isaacs
Kona from July of 14

600 lb Blue Marlin
on the Purple Silver Black
Wide Range

Kona, Hawaii

Pictures of a 300lb blue with your red wide range softhead. We tagged 4 blues in the tournament 3 on the red softhead, 1 on the purple chugger. We finished 3rd out of 25 teams. A local luremaker, Aloha Lures, was first
with 4 tagges and a 508 blue, and Black Bart lures was 2nd with 5 tags.

Caught On Board:

600lb Blue Marlin


600lb Blue Marlin


600lb Blue Marlin



Join the world's best fishermen and charter operators that use Mold Craft's Soft Head™ fishing lures. Simply put... more World Records, more Granders & more Tournaments Wins that any other offshore lure.

Capt. Trevor Cockle of Jerry & Deborah Dunaway's famous Madam & Hooker has used Soft Head™ lures to capture over 43 world records and notable catches... including 139 Blue Marlin in 10 days off Cape Verde Islands.

Record holder Stuart Campbell of the Chunda caught Blue Marlin of 1028 lbs., 1141 lbs., and released 3 more over 1,000 lbs. Using Mold Craft Soft Head™ lures. Mr. Campbell has also broken the 4lb., 16lb., 20lb. And 30lb. Big Eyed Tuna Record.

The beautiful Tropic Star Lodge in Panama owned and operated by Capt. Mike & Terry Andrews, has recorder over 100 world records, and equip all 12 of their 31-foot Bertrams with Mold Craft Soft Head™ and Squid Kits.

Capt. Dave Noling of Jeff West's Courtesan in Venezuela, has won the IFGA and Billfish Foundation "Top Captain" awards for catching & releasing the most billfish, an incredible total of 902 billfish in two years, using Mold Craft Soft Head™ lures.

Capt. James Roberts of Jean Paul Richard's magnificent French Look, has caught 16 Marlin topping 1000 lbs., all on Mold Craft Soft Head™ lures.

Steve Mehuish of Broome, Australia, has won many tournaments and caught his first "grander" on the new Mold Craft Soft Head™ Spooler lure.

Since 1994, Tim Choate's Artmarina boats have caught more that 15,000 billfish in Iztapa, Guatemala. "The bait and switch techniques that we have developed have been incredibly successful by the use of Mold Craft products." Tim Choate continues, " I was not surprised that my 1,003 pound Blue Marlin chose a Soft HeadWide Range in the summer of 1997, off Madeira, Portugal."

Dr. Guy Harvey released a grander, which came up on a Mold Craft Big Truck. Guy has used Soft Head™ lures for many years.

Capt. Joe Lopez, fishing his 43' Merrit, Prowess, released his 2,000th Blue Marlin in ST. Thomas caught on a Mold Craft Soft HeadWide Range in the summer of 1997.

World-class Capt. Brad Simmons has been the consistent "High Hook" in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands and Cancun Mexico, using Mold Craft Soft Head™ Super Chuggers.

Capt. Paul Ivey with six grander to his credit has developed our deadly Chubby Chugger and has used Mold Craft Soft Head™ lures for years.

Capt. Skip Smith of Hooker and Sound Machine fame has contributed countless ideas to Mold Craft Soft Head™ lures refinements and is credited with 48 world records.

Capt. Peter B. Wright has contributed to the development of Mold Craft Soft Head™ lures from the very beginning. Peter is still the # 1 Captain with 77 Marlin caught over 1,000 lbs. Including his most recent 2 Blue Marlin Granders which were caught using the Wide Range.

I.G.F.A. World Record Atlantic Blue Marlin: 1,189 lb. On 80 lb. Class Tackle, by Del Brel, Canary Islands on a Mold Craft Senior Wide Range.

John Canavari: $ 575,000 in Two weeks, Two Tournaments at the Ocean White Marlin Open and Mid-Atlantic $ 500,000, summer, 1994. The fish were caught using the Mold Craft Senior Wide Range.

128 lb. Atlantic Sailfish I.G.F.A. World Record. 30 lb. Class Tackle Woman's World Record caught by Bernadette O' Brien of Angola, West Africa on a Mold Craft Soft Head™ lure.

Mold Craft thanks these accomplished sportsmen and women and many not mentioned for their continued support, input and loyalty.


Caught by:
Louis Volpe

Spotted Seatrout

caught three trout in ten casts…
no exaggeration!

Everglades City, Florida

We had a great day in Everglades City Saturday, caught some great reds, a few slot snook and a bunch of nice trout but the highlight of it all was the introduction of the “Black Mamba”! We had been fishing for trout for an hour or so and just about had our limit when I remembered that I packed a couple of those eels you gave me before the seminars. My buddy stayed with the live bait (pilchards) and I switched, it only took three casts! The fish in the picture is the first fish, I caught three trout in ten casts… no exaggeration! Needless to say I’ll be by in the near future for a few more (LOL) the blue fish and Spanish destroyed that one and two others….I hope you enjoyed the story, I was excited and my buddy was shocked. THANKS!!!! Louis Volpe

spotted seatrout
Spotted Seatrout
Caught On: Reel Eel



Caught by:
Saul Khara

1,058 LB.

Kona, Hawaii

A Grand Time Aboard Fire Hatt. This is my first day back on the boat in twelve days. I was on the mainland teaching my Fire Department classes and could not wait to get back on the water. While I was away, I had a backup Captain, Lloyd Potter. Every day I would check in with him and Adam and tell them both “NO GRANDERS!” They just chuckled and went fishing. Today I had double charters. I took a family to Captain Cook in the morning for a snorkel/fishing trip. I brought those guests back to the harbor without having a bite all morning. We did see a fabulous display from a mighty Humpback Whale though. With the afternoon guests on board for a four hour trip, we head back out. Salil Kharat just wanted to catch something! Being from the Folsom, CA area, Salil loves to fish. Having caught his share of Trout and other species, he wanted at least a food fish today. He brought along his wife and two little girls for a family fishing day who waited almost the whole trip for some action. Salil’s oldest daughter told her Mom she was praying for a fish for her Dad. With only a half hour left and heading back to the harbor, I saw something slashing the water ahead of me. I went to check it out….now the short rigger line is screaming. We are Hooked Up! The fish exploded and ran fiercely. Saul is in the chair fighting the fish of a lifetime. The line ripped off the reel in seconds and I had to turn the boat an chase the fish to get line back. A fter a two hour fight on a Ken Matsuura 50 reel spooled with a topshot of 130lb mono with 650 yards of backing, we have subdued the fish. We are all overwhelmed by the sheer size of the Marlin. Adam leadered the fish and held her while I gaffed. After several minutes and a come-along, we have the fish through the transom door and we are headed to the scales. 1,058 pounds later, we have our Pacific Blue Marlin Grander! Salil has the greatest fishing story ever and his family have memories of a lifetime!

All is good in paradise!

Caught On Board:
"Fire Hat"

1,058 Blue Marlin Kona
Saul Kharat captured this big blue yesterday in Kona Hawaii aboard our boat the "Fire Hatt". We proudly and faithfully use your Softhead lures.

You can probably guess this one is our new favorite!



Caught by:
Bill DeGraw




While trolling a Mold Craft Soft Head at Ascension Island,
Bill DeGraw caught the third largest Atlantic Blue Marlin
ever landed on rod and reel. Captured aboard the
"God,s Favor" AKA "The Hooker"
captained by Trevor Cockle with mates Jason Holtz
and Oskie Rice, the beast weighed 1,337 lbs.

Caught On Board:
"God's Favor" aka "The Hooker"

1,337 marlinTrevor and Bill DeGraw aboard " God's Favor" aka "The Hooker"

Capt Trevor Cockle, Mate Jason Holtz, Mate Oskie Rice,
Angler Bill DeGraw, Fishin' Buddy Fred Garst.



Caught with:
Purple Senior Wide Range

Cairns Black
Marlin Charters

Great Barrier Reef Australia and we caught a black marlin well over the 1000+ lb mark


Carins Black Marlin Charters

This was the biggest of 4 fish we caught that day the others being 500, 250, 200 blue out wide in December off Cairns

Steve Ahlers
Cairns Black Marlin Charters
Great Barrier Reef




Caught by:
Phil Griffith

St. Croix Golden Hook
Marlin Tournament

Capt. Bob Mackay
Mate - Jereme Crouthamel
Boat - Leisure Lady
Home Port - St. Croix - "Team Fishaholic"


Good afternoon,

225lb Blue Marlin caught with your lure during the St. Croix Golden Hook Marlin Tournament and won the tournament.

Boat – Leisure Lady – Home port, St. Croix – “Team Fishaholic”
Capt. Bob Mackay
Mate – Jereme Crouthamel
Angler – Phil Griffith

Jereme Crouthamel




Caught by:
Brooks Anderson

Carrillo, Costa Rica

Capt. Jason Coffrin
on Mr. Trigger



I saw your request for the Striped Marlin with the Wide Range.

Here is the shot.

I took this while fishing with Capt. Jason Coffrin on Mr Trigger in Carrillo, Costa Rica. Angler was Brooks Anderson.

Great Lures! (like you needed to hear that).





Caught by:
Steve Ramsey
August 20th, 2010

"2010 Mid-Atlantic 500k
Ocean City, Maryland"

Caught On:


I was fishing The 2010 Mid-Atlantic 500k out of Ocean City,Maryland with my boss Steve Ramsey and mate DJ Churchill on the Lady Luck V.

August 20th the last day of the tournament with a 88# white marlin in 1st place and no qualifing blue marlin (400# min. ) on the board.

I decided to fish my favorite depth (500 fathoms) and our favorite spread of lures. Lines in @ 8:30am at 8:45am a big white marlin ate our left short rigger. A BLACK AND WHITE MOLDCRAFT SUPER CHUGGER!

To be honest we were blue marlin fishing . Big white marlin eat lures! Back at the scales our fish weighed 88#'s and tied for 1st place.

Thanks Moldcraft I love your lures black and......

Tommy Baldwin



Caught by:
Wet-n-Wild Sportfishing
June 18, 2010

Caught On:
Purple and Black 4-EYED MONSTER


2010 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament

This is my short story about the 2010 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament. We decided to make a run to the eastern wall of the gulf stream on Friday June 18, 2010. We left the dock around 3:30 am and arrived there at 8:30 am. We looked for an edge until 9:00am finding it a little further offshore. At 9:15 we had 2 nice yellowfin tuna on. We trolled around the large patties of grass until 12:00 and I decided to head back inshore where I had seen a nice 2 degree temp. change. At 12:15 she gray hounded from outside to inside on the right long rigger plying on a Purple and Black 4-EYED MONSTER. We fought the fish for only 40 minutes before putting the Aftco gaff in her and pulling her thru the tuna door. The Marlin weighed 460 lbs and measured 107" long, 60" girth and the knuckle around the tail was 15".

Tight Lines,
Capt. Tony Ross
Wet-n-Wild Sportfishing

Caught On: Purple and Black 4-EYED MONSTER



Caught by:
James Kontos, on the Let It Ride
August 3rd, 2010

"that lure has always been one of my favorites, and now it provided me with a experience of a lifetime."

Caught On:
Black and Clear Mold Craft Super Chugger

WINS $423,040.00!!!!!!

1010.5 blue marlin

Myself and my father were fishing the White Marlin Open out of Ocean City Md. We were trolling in the Spencer Caynon in 300 Fathoms. In our right short position we were dragging a Black and Clear Mold Craft Super Chugger. At 9:15 AM a BIG blue marlin came up and pounced on it. One hour a two minutes later she was in our boat, and we were off to the scale. When she was weighed, she came in at an incredible 1010.5 Lbs. that lure has always been one of my favorites, and now it provided my with a experience of a lifetime.

Thanks Mold Craft!

Caught On: Black and Clear Mold Craft Super Chugger


Caught by:
Christien Freeland
March 1, 2009

"the chugging action was near perfect and the lure never skipped or got thrown off course"

Caught on 80lb Mono

Hey Mold Craft,

I've been fishing for most of my life and caught many big offshore pelagics especially wahoo in the Cayman Islands. I had heard of your lures from a friend (Nick Jones) and was first introduced to them when he brought them on my boat last weekend. Within 5 minutes of using your lures i was able to catch the wahoo of a life time. Who knew a lure I expected to maybe catch the odd marlin or dolphin would attract and survive the jaws of such a toothy fish. Although after watching the lure in the water i could see why; the chugging action was near perfect and the lure never skipped or got thrown off course. Can't wait for some calmer weather so i can put them to the test on some Blue Marlins.

See all the ways you can stay connected to friends and family.

101 Pound Wahoo, caught on Orange & Black Chugger


Jeff Vreugdenhil


637 Pounder caught on Halloween Wide Range

Swansboro 2

Thought you would like some pictures of a tournament winning fish on a MoldCraft. This is the second time my boat has won the Swansboro NC Bluewater marlin tourn. 2002 (509lbs.) and 2008 (637lbs) with an additional 2nd place in 2004. All from a 28' Privateer outboard powered boat.

I want to make a pink over magenta for the hottest pink Wide Range you guys can offer. The fish in the picture was the 637 caught on Halloween Wide Range.


637 Pounder caught on Halloween Wide Range


Wahoo 65 pounds
Caught 10 miles offshore of Panama City Panama
September 27-28, 2008

65lb Wahoo

First Prize WAHOO 65 LBS. A large fish for Panama's pacific side. 10 miles offshore from panama city.

Eduardo Sollas caught this on his favorite lure an "all black wide range moldcraft "


Captain Todd Astles on the Hatteras "Sweetums"
904 lbs. Blue Marlin
June 3, 2008


Here are some shots I got from captain Todd Astles on the Hatteras "Sweetums" that caught the fish. Todd said he fishes your lures on a regular basis. He said the fight lasted 8.5 hours. I told Todd you said you would hook him up with some stuff. I told him we raised a few blues on the old black and purple Spooler. He seems like a real nice guy and he has been around the block a few times. I'm sure he'll be buzzing about the Pink and White for a while.


Jim P. Hill
Allied Richard Bertram Marine Group
110 North Dixie Hwy.
Stuart, FL. 34994
772-692-1122 Off
772-692 1341 Fax



Last day of fishing in the 50th Big Rock
56.50 lb. Dolphin Caught by
12 year old Geoffrey Decker
New leader in the dolphin divison for the week

June 13, 2008

Jeff Ross Dolphin

Last day of fishing in the 50th Big Rock. Found a nice weed line that we had trolled for about 30 min when we saw a nice school of gafer dolphin. This one charged out and hit a very large teaser at first then feel off and nailed a blue and white Super Chugger. After hooking him he jumped a few times and we knew it was a big fish. Geoffrey, my 12 year old son was handed the rod and in 15 min we had boated what we knew was the new leader in the junior angler division. When we got to the scales we really noticed how big this fish was. Just before us they weighed a 54.65 that was the new leader in the dolphin divison for the week. Then when they called out the weight on Geoffreys fish at 56.5 and anounced it was the new leader we could not belive it. Fish measured 64” in legnth and 28” in girth. Almost as big as he is. He had in one second 1st prize Dolphin divison for the week, junior angler, and the daily 1st prize. A once in a lfe time experience for me and my son and the biggest dolphin I have ever seen.

Thanks Moldcraft, and keep it up.



Caught on Moldcraft Wide Range Pink & White
Tuna Tournament in Vava’u Tonga
March, 2008


Blue Marlin

Frank – Just wanted to share with you and bragging board a couple of fish the wife and I caught using Wide Range Pink & White. We fish the annual Tuna Tournament in Vava’u Tonga and caught and tagged a 150 to 175 lb class Blue Marlin and 35 lb Mahi-mahi fishing aboard Target One with Capt. Henk and Deckie Tea’u. Although no Tuna were caught that went weight thus no winner, the Billfish action was great.

Our 6 day total with two fishing was 9 bills on 16 strikes, 1-Sailfish, 8-Blue Marlin, 3-Mahi-mahi, 2-Skipjack Tuna, and a very small Barracuda and a great time had by all…dew

“Fish like You Mean It, Catch Cuz’ You Can”

Danny Williams




Caught on Moldcraft Wide Range
(Osprey Reef Australia)
March, 2008

David Granville photo

Hi Frank
Here is one of the pics Hal was talking about – yes there is a wide range in there! We teased over 200 wahoo and dogtooth in 4 days at Osprey Reef all on Mold Crafts.

David Granville
Photo Journalist & Marine Consultant

P.O. Box 916
Buddina QLD 4575

Tel 0419 566 733
Fax (07) 5444 7895
Intl Tel +61 419 566 733
Intl Fax +61 7 5444 7895


Caught on Moldcraft wide range
(70 miles offshore from Panama City)
January 7, 2008

Eduardo Sollas




São Paulo Coast
Ilhabela - Brazil
December, 2007



Hello my friends at Moldcraft, I´m Capt Marcelo "Moorea" writing from Brazil to thank you for the creation of wide range lures.

This weekend, 70 miles South From Ilhabela Island, in São Paulo coast we get one of the biggest dourados i ever saw. Last year, we caught what we believe, if it was not the world record, its very close to it, but this year´s fish was even bigger.
This way I´m sending you the pics of both dourados, the one with the head on the white plastic box was the 2006´s the other one was this year's.

Thanks again and my best regards

Capt Marcelo "Moorea" Polato
Ilhabela - Brazil


150 lb Striped Marlin
East Cape region of Baja in
May, 2007

striped marlin150

Hi Gang,

Thought you'd enjoy this shot of an estimated 150lb. Striped Marlin which found the new Standard Reel Tight in Green/Yellow/Black simply irresistable. The fish was released immediately after the photo, and swam off strongly. It was my first chance to show the new lure to the aquatic denizens at the East Cape region of Baja in May, 2007. I fished out of Martin Verdugo's Resort in Los Barriles. My guide, Alfredo Lucero, holds the fish for the photo. The new lure also accounted for a nice 30lb. Dorado.

I think you have another winner on your hands! Thanks!

Norm Mastalarz
Cassel, CA



Press Release
"Swordfish" catches Grander
1,077 pound Blue Marlin
Oregon Inlet, NC

Sworfish 1

swordfish 2


On Thursday, August 30, 2007, the custom carolina sportfishing boat Swordfish set out of Oregon Inlet, NC, on what was to be a casual day of white marlin fishing amongst friends of the crew. The crew included Austin Robins, first mate and Jimmy Hillsman, second mate, along with Clay Estes of Elizabeth City. "The white marlin bite has been real strong" says boat owner Brant Wise. We released nine fish during the Virginia Beach Billfish Tournament, and some of the other Oregon Inlet boats have been releasing up to six and seven fish a day." After a slow day of trolling their patience paid off. Captain Justin Ringer stated that he saw a huge shadow under the right teaser, "it was too big to be a fish and (I) thought its too small to be a whale". "The fish faded off the teaser and went straight for one of our dink baits". The crew had set out their spread for white marlin and sailfish using smaller baits and 20 pound tackle, but as always, mate Austin Robins had the elephant gun, a large 80 Shimano reel with 600 pound wire leader at his side. Captain Ringer said "elephants eat peanuts too."

As the party cranked in the smaller baits, mate, Robins, grabbed his pitch bait and dropped back to the fish. Robins was able to switch the fish off the teaser and hooked-up. Robins said the fish came up to the bait all lit-up and quivering, she was hungry. They had no idea at the time how big the fish was, "we knew she was big, but not having seen anything so big before we had no idea" Robins said.

Two of Robins friends, Billy Landes and Steve Daniels, were visiting the Outer Banks from Gloucester, Virginia. They stopped by the boat the night before just to see about getting t-shirts, little did they know they would be invited to go fishing. Landes, who had never been off-shore fishing before, jumped in the fighting chair and Robins passed off the Rod. The fight went on for just over 3 hours. "The fish grey-hounded several times where she came completely out of the water" Captain Ringer said. "She came up to the boat and rolled up, unfortunately large fish like this do not live after such a fight, they spend so much of their energy that they rarely live."

"The fish was so long that the bill was sticking into the salon of the boat and the tail was hanging out the tuna door." stated Robins. The fish measured 186 inches overall and was 143 inches from fork to bottom jaw. The girth was 74 inches and the fish weighed in at 1,077 pounds.

This is the first grander in over 16 years brought in to Oregon Inlet.

Although Wise was not on the boat this particular day he stated "no one deserves this catch more than my crew. I have the utmost respect for Justin and Austin they take marlin fishing seriously, everyday is a tournament day to them." "We have put in the time as a team and it paid off for them." Wise said "this is every off-shore angler's dream, to catch a grander and I am proud of my boys and happy for Steve."




106 pound 1st place Wahoo
in the Pensacola International
Orange Beach, Alabama

106 lb Wahoo


I thought you would like to see this pic of the SEA REAPER III team out of Orange Beach, AL pulling in the 106 pound 1st place Wahoo in the Pensacola International a week ago. Check out the "Halloween" Senior Wide Range hanging out of his mouth. I am the guy who bought some chugger heads, to use as cabinet pulls, from you about 10 years ago. The cabinet pulls still look great and get lots of comments and your lures are still catching the BIG ONES.

Bob Ellingson


400 pound Marlin on Mold Craft Softheads
Orange Beach, Alabama

Big Marlin w Mold Craft


June 9th, 2007 Orange Beach, Alabama:
I have been meaning to send this picture of a blue marlin that was caught on June 9th. Fish is around 400lbs caught off Orange Beach, Alabama. Thought it was cool because of the July Marlin Magazine article.

Tight lines,
Browne Mercer


Swordfish on Mold Craft Softheads
Hollywood, Florida

January 24 , 2007 Hollywood, Florida:
Jose’s first Sword and first on the troll 60 inch fish, caught using 9.5" Wide Range.

Catchem Up


Swordfish on Mold Craft Softheads
Hollywood, Florida

January 15 , 2007 Hollywood, Florida:
Another picture for the bragging board, went out Monday drifted for a little bit off Hollywood, FL and caught one Swordfish shallow, so decided to drag some Soft Heads behind the boat, well it paid off and we caught this 59 inch Pumpkin Swordfish.

Catchem Up


Great day of fishing with
Mold Craft "Softhead" lures in Panama Bay,
Eduardo Solas and friends


Swordfish on Mold Craft Softheads

South Florida :


My name is Dan Bieniek, and we have been trolling for Swords in South Florida since February of this year. I have to say we were having a lot of fun with it in the spring. Then the larger fish moved out and we have not been able to hook up since June. We have had plenty of action with slashed baits but these smaller fish do not know how to chase down bait once they slash it and do not give chase. At least that is what I keep telling myself. Anyway I thought you might enjoy these pictures. We are fishing the Hyrdoglow tournament in October and we will be trolling the softheads, and a couple other lures that we have had success with so hopefully we will be on the board with a nice fish to win it. We have not had much with glow lures but I have not tried your glow lures they seem to like them as natural looking as possible.



March 11, 2006 Iztapa, Guatemala:
I received a call Tuesday morning from Jim Turner, owner of Guatemala's newest gameboat the Release, a classic 37ft Merritt. He asked "what are you doing this weekend?" Having spoken minutes earlier to Capt. Ron Hamlin aboard the Captain Hook on his second day with over 50 releases, my response was quick "nothing, let’s go fishing."

Airline tickets were issued and away we went. I met Jim and his wife, Liz, at the American Airlines ticket counter at Miami International Airport, where we checked in our typical four suitcases full of tackle. We spent time talking about the incredible body of sailfish that had moved into Guatemala. Two and half-hours later, we were arriving at Guatemala City’s LaAurora International Airport being met by Antonio, for our 90 minute drive down to the coast.

Once in Iztapa, we checked in at the Quinta Pez Vela where Jonathan and Melusine, our hosts, met us with cocktails served by our very own bartender Julian. The anticipation of what was to come the next day kept us up all night swapping stories. Jim made the decision that night that we were going to fly fish for them. 

The next morning Capt. Hamlin met us at the dock, by now it was his fifth day straight with over 50 releases, "Well boys do the best you can, it’s unbelievable out there".  We boarded the Release and Capt. Chris Sheeder introduced me to his mates Nico and Ricardo.

Teaser baits were rigged and three Billy Pate Bluefin fly reels coupled with Cam Sigler 16 weight fly rods were ready for action. A selection of Cam Sigler flies, ballyhoo and belly strip teasers were rigged and ready. Forty-five minutes later, the engines throttled down to trolling speed, the left outrigger was lowered, and the bridge teaser started dancing in the waves. Not more than 10 minutes later, the madness had begun, "He's on the teaser" said Capt. Chris calmly, and like a Wimbledon final match, Nico and Ricardo teased the first sailfish into position.

Jim performed his first cast flawlessly, like he'd been casting buddy with Lefty Kreh for years. Minutes later Nico retrieved the fly and the teasers were back in position. "Teaser" said Capt. Chris again. I thought to myself, "there's no way, it has only been a couple of minutes." Again Jim's cast was right on the money and a few minutes later the sailfish swam away as fast as it had come into our spread. "Teaser", "He's on the Spinner", "Teaser", "Teaser" and sail after sail were released.

These weren't your typical sailfish, not the 30-40 pound fish I'm used to catching in South Florida. These were BIG! The average sail was 75-90 pounds. It was 9:45am, and we had just released our 18th sail!

No one dared mention "the record" word, but we all thought it - "Could we tie or even surpass the fly day record of 27 today?" At 11:30am the new Fly World Record was released, number 28! The radio was ablaze with the usual congratulations, good going, etc., but it wasn't even noon.

Obviously, this was no ordinary day. This was one of those days you read about in the Lerner logs at IGFA or hear about from some old timer at your local tackle shop.

The baits were placed back in the water to see where the day would take us. It's now 2PM and number 40 had been safely released! Did I mention that 95 percent of the flies were retrieved! WOW What a day! My one gig camera chip was full, and we still had two more hours to fish. We were back at the dock at 4:45PM with the new Angler World Record of 54 releases (conforming to all IGFA rules and regulations), along with the new Boat Day Fly Record of 57 releases! I even sneaked in and released three sails of my own.

Congratulations to Jim, Liz, Capt. Chris, mates Nico and Ricardo. Great mates who made the magic happen. Thank you for sharing this incredible day with me.

South Fishing, Inc.
800 882~HOOK (4665)



Norm's Marlin

FISH: Striped Marlin - 190-200LB Class (Released after photo).

PLACE: Los Barriles, East Cape, Baja, MX

DATE: June 20, 2005

ANGLER: Norm Mastalarz

GUIDE: Alfredo Lucero (pictured)

LURE: Standard Wide Range, Mackerel / Pink

BOAT: 22 Ft Open Panga

GEAR: Penn Formula 10 kg Reel, Ugly Stick BW Rod, Trilene Big Game 40LB Line


Hey Kids

Capt. Will Kitsos, Crocodile Bay Lodge, Puerto Jimenz Costa Rica here.

If you looked at my spread.. if you looked at my tackle bags you'd see that at least 75% of my lures and birds are Mold Craft.. Why?  Because they work.

On an average day of 'bait and switch' fishing for sails and marlin offshore; a day which can range from raising 8 to 28 fish a day.. an average of 23 days a month for seven months of the season ... I run wide range seniors ... wide range standards behind birds, soft knobs and chuggers either solo or behind birds and then I throw out a magnum wide range, tied off to a cleat and skipping in the second wave. 

Whamo.. something gets hit by somebody with a big pointy face and follows said lure.. pick one..  to the boat like a cat chasing a toy on a string.. My mate, who is usually cussing in spanish begging the billfish to let the lure go instructs the fisherman or woman to throw the live bait or dead bait or cast the fly.  Most first timers or even seasoned fishers used to other styles of fishing stand there, mouths agape and drooling on the deck... up close and personal.

A couple of seasons ago I had a fisher play in a sail wich went about 120lbs.   After about a 20  minute fight on light tackle the fish approached the boat and my mate grabbed the leader to coax the fish to the boat for the photo and release... a wide range senior was hanging from my right outrigger and the sail took a leap and slashed at the lure hanging there.  You don't believe me?... I got the video.  Actually I hadn't realized that the fish slashed the lure until I reviewed my tape days later.  On that day it looked like just another fish balking at being touched by human hands.

What, you're not fishing Mold Craft?? Tisk..Tisk.. Tisk..
Capt. Will


    Just wanted to let you know that I have been having great success on school bluefin tuna, using your Moldcraft standard birds in a chain with a soft machine. They are an absolute killer! These fish (both ninety pounders) were caught off of Cape Ann Massachusetts, on twenty five pound test. The tuna on the left, actually hit the softmachine so hard it pulled the rod from the rod holder! Luckily I had a safety line on it.
Capt. Allan Smith
Rockport Mass.



Here's the pic from the HIBT. The other guy is Jeff Waugh from Nassau. 562.5 pound Blue marlin caught on a Senior Purple Wide Range. On 50#test line. 1 hr. 50 min fight. On board Pamela with Capt. Peter Hoogs and Mate Teddy Hoogs.

See you in San Juan.
Phil (Boot) LeBoutillier


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