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Our Latest and Most Celebrated Lure

Frank Johnson Sr. Memorial Wide Range

To All of our friends, Soft Head fans and most importantly all of our loyal customers. It is with some reluctance and much emotion that I make this announcement. As most of you know my father Frank Sr. Passed away almost six years ago. At his Memorial service someone suggested that we create a “special” memorial lure for Dad. Well, here it is, the Frank Johnson memorial Wide Range. It is also appropriate as Frank was a proud American manufacturer. This lure has a number of very special features! Most obvious is the striking American flag motif. This color pattern was a corroboration with EvelynGore our general manager and her eldest son Anthony, who printed the masks for the star pattern with his computer printer. Evelyn came up with the rest of the patriotic color pattern. They also include a capsule of Billfish Juice™. An amino acid based fish attractant developed by Dr. Ben Diggles from Australia.

And most importantly a capsule of Frank’s Cremains.

Yes you, can go fishing with I.G.F.A. hall of famer Frank W. Johnson Sr.

These will be limited to a special edition of 1,000 pieces. Each will come with a numbered signed letter of authenticity. I know most of you will hang them on the wall. BUT! Please, Please take Poppa fishing again. He would be so proud!

Please share your fish stories. And keep his legacy moving forward. The sun never sets on the Soft Head empire!

With joyful tears.

Tight Lines!

Frank W. Johnson III President

New Lure Colors Available Now!

Mold Craft is proud to announce 10 new exciting color combinations including the new UV glow! Available Only in Senior and Magnum sizes.

Cream Cicle Mean Joe Green Magenta Maddness Blue Velvet Petrolero
Tigressa Sindy Lauper Illuminati Blu Daze Brillser
Now available new CUSTOM BI-COLOR combinations

Bi-Color Series Softhead

Bi-Color Series Softheads


Thanks to Captain Greg Penley’s creativity and persistence, we would like to introduce our already diverse selection of colors. This adds yet another dimension in our already available diverse color selections. Please be very specific in ordering. We need to know what orientation you would like the bi color to be. As shown this one would be SOLID BLUE HEAD, GREEN AND YELLOW OUTER BELLY TO BACK, BLUE AND PINK INNER EYE TO EYE. In addition to the plethora of combinations the orientation is another variable so we want to be sure that we get right on our end. On lures with an angled face the long side is the “back”. We can do this in any senior or magnum size lures. We also offer any of our normal head colors like 12, 22, 34, 37, in addition to the solid color heads with bi color inners. There will be a small up charge for the bi-color tail versions and a minimum of 6 of a color lure or skirt.




Squirt Nation Squid


Mold Craft is proud to introduce the most highly refined version of our already proven
SQUIRT SQUID™ line of artificial squid.

This new optical quality finish bait with both interior and exterior color enhancements are available in mix-and-match custom combinations. The base squid is a new super clear body available with scale patterns in pink, red, orange, blue, green, purple and black. And interior tints in red blue, green, orange, and purple. For at least 35 color combinations. Other combinations upon request subject to availability with a minimum of 12 of a color.

Shown are just a few of the colors available. Coming soon green, orange, and purple interior finishes. Color combinations are limited only by your imagination. Interior tints also available in our standard #05 SYKAT #9 Clear colors.

100% American made with American materials and American equipment. Except no imitations! Mold Craft’s artificial squid still the most durable available from any manufacturer imported or domestic.

Available soon at a tackle shop near you.




Hoo Hooker Heads


Mold Craft is proud to introduce its newest addition to our already diverse selections. We have developed a new natural bait skirt. Made from the same super tough material as the original SOFT HEAD™ lures. This is a new version of the already proven little hooker with some substantial improvements. This new skirt has a larger cavity to better accept the nose of your favorite natural baits. Additionally the face has been modified and includes a sharp edge rather than a radius face. This will provide even better smoking action than the standard little hooker. The skirt is also made slightly shorter to reveal more of your natural bait and still incorporate the action of the lure and provide a great measure of protection for your natural baits. With these skirts even poor quality bait will last twice as long.

They will be available in all of our stocking colors both solid and two-tone. This bait is value priced and available in 5 packs 10 packs 100 packs or loose by the each.

Solid Colors available 02 pearl white, 03 fluorescent yellow, 04 blood red, 05 pink, 10 black, 11 silver metal flake, 14 fire orange, 15 blue metal flake, 19 purple metal flake, 20 green metal flake. VALUE PRICED! M.S.R.P. $2.79

Two-Tone Multicolor available in 12 blue and white, orange and white, 20 red and white, 34 blue and silver, 35 green and yellow, 37 purple silver, 40 2 tone brown and white, 43 green and white. VALUE PRICED! M.S.R.P. $3.19




In a corroboration with Dr. Ben Diggles of Australia we have
the most amazing product to introduce


BillfishJuice™ 4-Eyed Monster

Billfish Juice™ Super Chugger

Billfish Juice™ Wide Range

These 30-minute formula tablets now included in a specially designed series of

Billfishjuice™ tablets contain highly concentrated synthetic attractants scientifically formulated to mimic natural prey rinse. These compounds dissolve at a controlled rate, and appeal to a broad range of pelagic fishes, and can dramatically increase your hookup percentages in trolling lure applications and boost the attract ability of your teasers.

In controlled trials conducted in Costa Rica by our staff with identical teasers on both sides of the boat over 70% of the bites came to the teaser with Billfishjuice™ tablets.

In another scientific hook bait trial conducted in Australia, strike percentages where increased by as much as 4 times.

In a static demonstration at the I.G.F.A. in Dania Bch. Fl., Dr. Ben Diggles the scientist responsible for the development of the formula, sprinkled a few crumbs into a fish tank with Snook and Redfish. The fish instantly went "On Point"! Looking for the source.

Please visit for more detailed information.

How many times have you raised fish into your spread and had them inspecting your best presented lures, only for them to disappear without a strike? Certainly in all but the most pristineunfished waters, a significant percentage of the fish raised into your spread do not go on to take a lure. Turning these lookers into takers can make the difference between those fishless days everyone wants to avoid and a successful outing. And of course for tournament anglers the stakes are even higher. Field testing has shown that addition of Billfish Juice tablets into your lures can increase the number of strikes from Marlin, Sailfish, Tunas, Dolphin, Wahoo, Kingfish, Cobia, Mackerels and other pelagic gamefish by over 100% compared to identical lures without attractants.  In today’s world of increasing oil prices and decreasing leisure time, can YOU afford NOT to have Billfish Juice technology on the end of your line?

Models currently available for use with BILLFISH JUICE™

Senior and Standard size 4 Eyed monster, Wide Range, and Super Chugger Lures.
Also available are a Standard and Senior size “controlled release capsule” or CRC. Rigged for use in any application. Including all teasers, daisy chains, and any other type of lure.

The model number followed by BJ, for “Billfishjuice™” will designate this new series of lures and teasers. What’s better than a SOFT HEAD™? A SOFT HEAD™ followed by a BJ!

It is well known that SOFT HEAD™ lures are responsible for more world records, more grander’s, and more tournament wins than any other lures in the world. Named number 1 and 2 trolling lure of all time by Marlin Magazine. Including this new technology will greatly improve an already superior product line as well as your success!

Directions for use

Place 1 or 2 tablets in each Special SOFTHEAD™BJ or CRC and troll as normal.
Check baits every 30 minutes until dissolving rate is determined. Rate will vary with speed and other conditions.

Add one tablet at a time as required. Do not over fill, as tablets will expand.

Store tightly closed in a cool dry place in original container. Do not remove desiccant packets.


Mold Craft Products
Home of Original SOFTHEAD™ and over 100 WORLD RECORDS!
SOFTHEAD™ is a registered Trade Mark. Any unauthorized use will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!

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To Our Loyal Fans And Dealers,

The Billfish Juice tablets contain scientifically designed water soluble synthetic fish attractants with a controlled release rate. This first batch is a 30 minute formula. The actual release rate will vary with water flow, agitation and temperature. We have modified several of our designs to accommodate them. The Standard and Senior size 4 eyed monsters, Wide ranges, and Supper Chuggers. The cavity between the heads and skirt have the needed space and holes. It will vary from the norm in that the heads and skirts are not glued together. They are fixtured together with a piece of oversized tubing that provides an interference fit holding the heads together. They can be separated to install the tablets and pushed back together forming a capsule and providing the needed water flow for release of the attractant in a trail. These styles will be available in all of our normal and custom colors. We will follow with other styles as demand dictates. There will be no charge for these modifications. We will also offer a capsule of similar design for use in the teaser application rigged on heavy leader with a snap on one end and a loop on other for easy installation in any type of bait or teaser.

We have experimented with this concept for over 30 years and this is the best new product that I have used. Even over such things as ground chum, fish oils, and squid extracts. It is truly the first attractant product that I have had marked results with in the trolling application. I personally did some trials with identical teasers changing sides on the hour with 70% of the bites coming on the teasers with the tablets!

In a static demonstration at the I.G.F.A. in Daina, Dr. Ben Diggles the scientist responsible for the development of the formula, sprinkled a few crumbs into a fish tank with Snook and Redfish. The fish instantly went "On Point"! Looking for the source.

I am always a bit of a skeptic when it comes to things like this, but I must say I am convinced this stuff works!


Frank W. Johnson III



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