Always seeking ways to improve our products.
Mold Craft is proud to announce the latest improvement in the proverbial SQUID MACHINE.

Originally designed and built by Frank Sr’s team at the original Mold Craft before we spun off into fishing lures back in April of 1976. This machine was one of the first of it’s kind and surely the largest of it’s type at that time. It incorporated what was then cutting edge pneumatic control system with a heat transfer tank. The original heating system was cumbersome and potentially dangerous. And in it fact lead to the fire here in February of 1992. It was a 110 gallon oil tank with a 50’ copper coil that was not very efficient. And required daily maintenance.
Three generations of this system have preceded our new system. We installed in November a new heat transfer system. That is the most efficient, safest, and simple to use that we have ever had.
Beyond these advantages and what is most important. The improvement in the quality of production parts. You will see fewer blemishes, imperfections, improved surface appearance and greater strength in the finished product than ever before!
Always innovative.
Tight lines,
Frank W. Johnson III
Mold Craft Products

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